Things To Do During A Bathroom Cleanup

The bathroom is a place where we go to relax and take care of business.  Over time, the bathroom will become dirty and need to be clean.  When this happens, restroom sanitization des moines will be completed.  Here are some steps that need to be done.

Make sure room is empty

It is important that we first inspect the area to see if anyone is currently using the facilities.  If they are, we will either have to wait and come back or wait for them to finish.  Once the room is clear you can put up signs stating that the bathroom is closed for cleaning.

Sweep the floor

The first thing that you will want to do is get in there and sweep the floor.  You can also toss items that are on tables, sinks and elsewhere onto the floor and sweep them all up together.  This will create a basic slate that you can now clean from.

Empty trash

Now that all of the trash in the room has been put into the disposal, you can take out the trash and replace the bag with a new one. 


The next step is to clean the toilets.  You will want to make sure that there is nothing clogging them or otherwise causing issues. 


restroom sanitization des moines

Not that everything is clean, come in with a mop and mop the floors.  Wipe down any surfaces and clean mirrors.


The final step is to restock the supplies.  These are the paper towels, toilet tissue, refill soap dispensers and more.  You will want to make sure that everything that is needed in the bathrooms are there and that nothing is overlooked. 

Note repairs

After you have completed the tasks go ahead and see if there are any repairs that need to be done.  You can note this and give it to the repair crews to do after hours.