Common Electrical Fire Causes

Fires are dangerous and electrical fires can start at any moment. It is important that homeowners and household members know how dangerous these occurrence are, so let’s discuss 3 common reasons electrical fires start in homes and commercial buildings.

Faulty Appliances or Outlets

Many electrical fires begin when outlets or appliances malfunction. You should never plug in an appliance that has a cord that is worn down or frayed, as they can release heat that comes into contact with combustible materials. You should also avoid putting cords underneath rugs, as this can increase the chance of an electrical fire.

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Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are another reason fires begin in homes and businesses. Fixtures that are not properly installed pose a risk of fire. Even something as simple as installing a new light bulb can be risky, which makes it extremely important to pay attention.

When installing lightbulbs, you should also be careful and pay attention to the wattage. Using a bulb with a high wattage, which the fixture cannot handle, is one of the leading causes of electrical fires. If you’re not sure of your fixtures and the required wattage, contact an electrical service houston.

Extension Cords

Extension cords are often misused, which leads to electrical fires starting. Appliances that are used should not be plugged into extension cords and should always be plugged directly into an outlet. Extension cords are meant for temporary use and should not be a permanent tool used to power heavy equipment and other machinery.

Even simple tasks can turn deadly when an electrical fire starts, so you should pay close attention to your electrical outlets, appliances, devices, and even light bulbs you use. Make sure that you are properly using all electrical items and do not attempt to use cords that are frayed or look worn down.