Benefits Of A Good Credit Score

Using credit cards for making purchases is a common norm these days. Credit card not just provides you with a line of loan by a financial institution, like columbia bank colonia, but it also comes with innumerable perks that the consumer can take advantage of. One of these advantages is the credit score.

What is a credit score

A credit score is a number that shows whether the consumer is worthy of credit. This number can range anywhere between 300-850. The higher the credit score, the better are a consumer’s chances for securing a potential lender.

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How does a credit score work

A higher credit score makes the consumer a worthy candidate for securing a mortgage. The credit score plays a key role in deciding the interest rate that is charged on the mortgage.

People with a credit score lower than 600 are categorized as subprime borrowers and are charged higher rates than conventional borrowers.

What are the advantages of a higher credit score

A higher than 700 credit score puts the borrower in the excellent category. This results in lower interest rates being charged by the lender over the mortgage amount.

Other benefits include:

  • Makes the process of renting a home easier;
  • Better rates on commodities like smartphones, electronics, car deals; and
  • A requirement of lower initial deposits for cable services and other utility services;


A good credit score works as a mark of a good reputation amongst the lenders. Maintaining a good credit score not just makes the consumer’s future-ready but also provides innumerable benefits that a person with an average credit score is deprived of.

Paying credit card bills on time, increasing the credit line, using the credit card more frequently are the few things that can help obtain a good credit score.